In 1791, John McCormick emigrated from his native Scotland and began his journey to America.  He first landed in Charleston, South Carolina, and after a short stay, traveled to visit family friends in Manchester, North Carolina.  There he met and married Mary McDonald and they settled among the area’s large Scots population.  They purchased land, along with a home and gristmill, lying just south of the Lower Little River.  Unfortunately, the home burned and in the 1820s they built a timber frame home that incorporated the undamaged chimney of the original.

They named their home the “Sand Hills” and created the legacy now known as McCormick Farms.  Today, no longer used as a home, the Sand Hills remains, quietly overlooking Bull Run and Store Creeks; a part of the historic charm of The Grove at McCormick Farms.  For the generations to come, it will be a gentle reminder of the great heritage handed down from their Scots ancestors.