Meet the Family

Currently, Tom and Lou Brooks, their daughter, Alex, and her husband, Bruce Hammill, live and work at McCormick Farms. Tom Brooks, President of McCormick Farms, a member of the seventh generation of the McCormick family, Alex Hammill, the eighth, and the Hammill’s young daughter, the ninth.

For Bruce Hammill, who serves as General Manager of McCormick Farms, the expansion of agritourism at the Farm represents the fulfillment of a dream he’s had for many years. Growing up in Virginia, he worked on horse and cattle farms and loved being outdoors. Living in an area with several scenic venues for event hosting, he developed an appreciation for how these natural settings could enhance the experience of a wedding or event. Bruce went on to study marketing management and agriculture at Virginia Tech. Now, he’s combining his love of nature with his expertise in business and agriculture. While still working the Farm, Bruce also manages McCormick Farms’ agritourism activities. He’s delighted to provide the public with the unique opportunity to have their wedding, or other special event, on a real working farm with a rich legacy of love for family and the land.

Bruce serves on the North Carolina Cattleman’s Association, the North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association and the Cumberland County Livestock Association. Working with the Cumberland County Cooperative Extension and Fort Bragg, he has conducted training at McCormick Farms for Civil Affairs military personnel who are called upon to help indigenous populations rebuild in war torn regions.