Today’s Farm

McCormick Farms is still family owned and operated, as it has for more than 220 years. Now in its ninth generation, the family remains committed to farming and timber.  Every activity on the Farm is rooted in the family’s passion for this cherished land.

The Farm’s main operations are located near Spring Lake, North Carolina, with outlying farm and timber land in both Cumberland and Harnett Counties.  Main activities include:

A large part of the Farm is suitable for events, and we offer beautiful facilities and natural spaces – including The Carolina Barn and The Grove – ideal for everything from formal weddings to more intimate gatherings, casual affairs and many other events, large or small.

A deeply-rooted, multi-generational heritage that has been around almost as long as the Tarheel state itself. McCormick Farms continues to stand as a distinct symbol of the Sandhills region of NC. Their conservationist efforts coupled with honest, diligent farm practices are a true testament to the respect they hold for NC's natural resources and integrity that this family has always been known for.

- Kenneth Smith

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